Re: Panel "avoidance"

Gustavo Joćo Alves Marques Carneiro wrote:
>   I'm sorry. I didn't understand you correctly. I thought that by
> "avoiding" you meant windows should not cover the panel when being
> maximized (I like that). I still think it's a window manager thing, and
> sawfish has many options... you probably can write a lisp hook function to
> do that.

Each panel should have a hint so if it must be covered by the window
manager when
maximizing the WM should know. But this is panel specific. It would be a
to use a WM tool to tell the WM to cover a panel... instead a simple
checkbox about
if the panel should be ignored when maximizing is better.

Hope this clarifies my idea.


Manuel Clos,
llanero jazzfree com

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