GNOME 1.4 extra apps coordinators

The GNOME Steering Committee has appointed Ian T. Peters and Jamin
Philip Gray as release coordinators for the GNOME 1.4 Extra Apps
release. Please join me in wishing them the best of luck!

I'd like to suggest that they start out by using the saeme package
list procedure we have been using for the GNOME 1.4 release itself; I
think that has worked out fairly well and given people a lot of input
to the process. I'd like to suggest the following list of apps as a
possible starting point, based on things that were proposed for GNOME
1.4 itself, or elsewhere:

* gmc (deprecated in favor of Nautilus, but will be in the extra
  release for now)
* Gnumeric
* Dia
* Guppi
* Achtung
* AbiWord
* GnuCash
* The GIMP
* Sodipodi
* gabber
* gtm
* gEdit
* radioactive
* gnomoku

Please suggest your own. I trust Jamin and Ian will figure out the
appropriate size for this release and the proper things to include.

(followups to gnome-1.4-list only please)

 - Maciej

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