Re: Reviving gweather

On 18 Oct 2000, Alan Shutko wrote:

> I've been fixing a few niggling things about gweather, and figured
> while I was there I'd take a look through the bug database and try to
> clear up as many issues as possible.

One thing that would be good is if somewone could draw a new
mini-picture for "fog". Every other kind of weather have a nice icon but
fog has a picture with the letters FOG. Not good when gweather is
translated into other languages. Also, the big icon for fog shows a car. I
guess that you should make you think about pollution, but thats not the
only reason for fog. I dont really like that picture.

The swedish weather institute have some symbols that are used:

The last two is for fog. Just some horizontal lines, so anyone could draw
that one without any graphical talant... :-) At least in sweden this is a
commonly know symbol for fog. Maybe it's international.


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