Re: thoughts on gtk, after Hexsweeper

Owen Taylor wrote:

>   For compiled languages, the field is slimmer; the Ada
>   bindings are will-maintained, but, ugh, Ada...  I'd like
>   to see a nice set of native Java bindings that work with gcj.

Okay, I gotta ask.. why "ugh, Ada"? It's a much cleaner language for
doing Gtk (and soon Gnome) apps than C or C++; it's a clean language overall
(yes, the syntax is a bit on the verbose side, but I would argue that that
tends to improve readability), and interfaces very well to C (and C++).
Plus, it has a well-maintained compiler that will probably be included in
the core gcc distribution soon (which won't happen with gcj in the near future)..

I don't want to start a language war, I'm just curious as to what the arguments
are against Ada. (I'm considering starting a personal project in Ada using
Gtk/Gnome/Bonobo in the near future.)

    - Vlad

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