Re: thoughts on gtk, after Hexsweeper

>>>>> "Vladimir" == Vladimir Vukicevic <vladimir helixcode com> writes:

Vladimir> Plus, it has a well-maintained compiler that will probably
Vladimir> be included in the core gcc distribution soon (which won't
Vladimir> happen with gcj in the near future)..

Sorry, you're wrong.

gcj will be in the core gcc distribution long before Gnat will be.
The gcj front end is already in the gcc cvs tree (Gnat isn't).  Alex
will be moving libgcj (the gcj runtime library) into the gcc cvs tree
very soon.  gcj/libgcj integration with gcc are on the gcc 3.0
requirements list -- Ada integration is not.

Volunteers are actively working on AWT for gcj (using Gtk+ as the
native peers), but of course there's no way of predicting when that
work will finish.

And, of course, there's gnome-gcj.  I haven't used it myself (I spend
all my time working on gcj, with no time left to write apps using it),
but I think it is an interesting development.  I'd definitely like to
see people using gcj to write Gnome applications.  I'm interested in
facilitating that if I can.


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