Re: thoughts on gtk, after Hexsweeper

> >>>>> "Vladimir" == Vladimir Vukicevic <vladimir helixcode com> writes:
> Vladimir> Plus, it has a well-maintained compiler that will probably
> Vladimir> be included in the core gcc distribution soon (which won't
> Vladimir> happen with gcj in the near future)..
> Sorry, you're wrong.
> gcj will be in the core gcc distribution long before Gnat will be.
> The gcj front end is already in the gcc cvs tree (Gnat isn't).  Alex
> will be moving libgcj (the gcj runtime library) into the gcc cvs tree
> very soon.  gcj/libgcj integration with gcc are on the gcc 3.0
> requirements list -- Ada integration is not.

Oops. I was misinformed; I didn't think that gcj was as far along as it is.
I wasn't trying to imply anything offensive towards gcj by my comments, I
just thought that it was still fairly early in its development.

However, I'm still wondering what the negative opinion towards Ada is based
on. Wrt the compiler, gnat is a fairly solid ada compiler that has received
extensive real-world testing, and has a company that is backing its future
development, just like cygnus/redhat is backing the core C/C++ [and I'm
assuming java/gcj] development; so lack of a decent compiler isn't an issue.
(Given this, it's surprising to me that what I had heard about Ada integration
is not truly in the future plans for gcc, considering the maturity of the

Anyways, like I mentioned, I don't want to get into a language (or compiler :-)
war, just was curious about the Ada side of things.

    - Vlad

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