gnome-terminal dingus bug & patch

In gnome-core at gnome-terminal/gnome-terminal.c:2174, the match regex for
urls is not quite correct -- it doesn't understand escape sequences.  So
urls like:

don't get highlighted correctly.  The fix is to change the line to read:

zvt_term_match_add( ZVT_TERM(term),
,\\\"]", VTATTR_UNDERLINE, "full url");

(Note the added '\\%'.)  

First I sent the patch to jacob helixcode com, and then when he didn't
respond to jirka 5z com   It's been a few weeks now -- am I sending the
patch to the wrong people?  Should I keep working my way through

Heh, maybe Evolution is eating everyone's mail.  :)

John Tunison
nosinut cmu edu || john tunison net

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