Re: Mime type handling

> First, what would be an appropriate mime-type for a G3/G4 TIFF file ?
> Would image/x-tiff-fax be suited ?

You should try to use a real, IANA-registered MIME type. The list is at

The file "media-types" in that directory is a sort of index file, and
the subdirectories contain detailed information (or pointers to
detailed information) about the specific types.

You probably want image/tiff. (Yeah, it doesn't describe everything
about the file, but TIFF was desgined to suck that way.)

> Is is possible for GNOME to recognize mime types by calling a
> function stored in a dynamic library ?

Yes, look at the functions in

(You should use the MIME-handling functions in gnome-vfs, which are
being actively maintained, rather than the old ones in gnome-libs.)

-- Dan

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