zvt / gnome-terminal question

Hi all,

I've been adding a few features to gnome-terminal. I've got it mostly done, but 
I've had a few problems. Any help is appreciated.

I'm adding "Size" and "Clone" functionality. For example, there is an option 
to make the current gnome-terminal 80 characters in width, or 80x24, etc. I 
just call zvt_term_set_size with the relevant height and width. 

However, this seems to fail if the window has been resized in only one 
dimension (x XOR y) just before calling the function. Yet it only seems to 
fail if the change would require the window to get smaller!

Looking through zvtterm.c I see that eventually term_force_size is called in 
all resize cases. This calls gtk_widget_queue_resize. Any ideas why this would 
fail, or am I missing a function call?


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