Mime type handling


I am currently GNOMEifying the GNU FaXile Viewer. For those who don't know
what this program is about, it's a viewer for multi-page G3 tiffs that I have
written to be used with HylaFAX.

Now, I have a few questions about GNOME mime handling and MIME in general.

First, what would be an appropriate mime-type for a G3/G4 TIFF file ?
Would image/x-tiff-fax be suited ? It happens that TIFF is more of an
image encapsulation file format than a real image format, so I would think
that image/x-tiff-jpeg, image/x-tiff-bitmap, ... would be nice to specify too.

Now, there is now way to make the difference between the formats that a tiff
file could encapsulate based on the file extension.
Could someone tell me how I could implement this based on the file content ?

Is is possible for GNOME to recognize mime types by calling a function stored
in a dynamic library ? If not, why not implement it ?

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