Re: Process Tree

Galvanick Lucipher <ahosey systhug com> writes: 
> I ran into the grandchild issue when I wanted to launch a subprocess with
> gnome_execute_async_with_env() and then waitpid() on it. I didn't know
> (until I tried) that you can't wait on a grandchild. I managed to work
> around it but it seems to break the Principle of Least Surprise. Like you
> say, it's just ugly.

In the new gspawn.[hc] files in the devel version of GLib, there's a
flag where you can choose whether you want to do the grandchild deal
or do the waitpid() yourself. These functions will probably end up
replacing gnome_execute_async(), they are a bit more flexible, have
nicer error reporting, and can set up stdin/stdout/stderr pipes for


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