Re: gripes, etc.

> I do believe that the most powerful thing that we as developers can
> provide is a full set of development tools. The way I see it, the more
> time a developer spends trying to figure out how to deal with his/her
> development environment, the less time he/she spend in developing
> something useful.

Ya, I think I'd agree.  Whilst I refuse to even use MSVC++ when working
on Windows (i.e. at school), I know most people like the simplicity
those tools provide.  I've seen some neat things, like the class member
popup window that pops up in MSVC++ after you type in a class name or
instance name (I believe KDevelop has this as well, and IDLE for Python

Anyone looking to develop a good IDE for GNOME/GTK could do worse than
look through the KDevelop code.  It is, after all, open source, and
there's absolutely no reason why we can't share code.  The only bad
thing might be if you decide to use C instead of C++ (my preference, but
I know the majority of GNOME developers prefer C), in which case it
might take some work porting the KDevelop code...

I dunno, but I think it'd be a great resource to look into.  Perhaps if
the GNOME C++ wrappers get decent enough soon (soon as in developer time
soon, which eally isn't soon, but soon enough anyhows) someone could
make a direct port of KDevelop to GNOME.  Perhaps to straight GTK,
though you'd loose a lot of functionality that way that makes an IDE so
useful (like integration with other development components, such as
Glade, through bonobo).

Just my $.02

Sean Etc.

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