Re: gripes, etc.

Sean Middleditch wrote:
> I do believe that the most powerful thing that we as developers can
> provide is a full set of development tools. The way I see it, the more
> time a developer spends trying to figure out how to deal with his/her
> development environment, the less time he/she spend in developing
> something useful.

Ya, I think I'd agree.  Whilst I refuse to even use MSVC++ when working
on Windows (i.e. at school), I know most people like the simplicity
those tools provide.  I've seen some neat things, like the class member
popup window that pops up in MSVC++ after you type in a class name or
instance name (I believe KDevelop has this as well, and IDLE for Python

Reusing code is at the heart of what I'm talking about. Auto completion, box selections, and many features are already available and I've incorporated them in BitLeaf. I'm not very excited about jumping onto C++ for Gnome yet ( although it's my favorite ) but I don't see it's development going far enough. But that's a discussion meant for another list.

Yes, there are already many tools that exist but they are fragmented and/or unorganized. I see ctags as a very good example. Some dude somewhere used it to graphically represent functions and structs in a tree widget. And that's all his tool did. It did it very well (going with the UNIX ideal of making tools do one thing and do it well). Now comes the evolution step which I see it missing. And that's to incorporate that tool into a tangible solution.

I guess, here is where I'm going, "Build solutions, not just tools".  :)

Back to KDevelop, the reference is neat. I would like to investigate using it, especially if it's based on DocBook or some good standard.


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