Re: gripes, etc.

> I dunno, but I think it'd be a great resource to look into.  Perhaps if
> the GNOME C++ wrappers get decent enough soon (soon as in developer time
> soon, which eally isn't soon, but soon enough anyhows) someone could
> make a direct port of KDevelop to GNOME. 

Four people have worked over the gnomelibs C++ bindings in the last week
and the results are far more stable and polished that we ever achieved 
before.  Assuming a few necessary patchs to GNOME make it in, there will
be at least some sort of C++ binding for gtk+ and gnomeui in GNOME 1.4. 
Use of things like GNOME MDI, canvas and App all run in demos well.  The
Gtk C++ bindings are usable but the Gdk bindings are quite defective.
These problems unfortunately can't be addressed in a stable version
because C++ mangling issues.  Seeing as gtk+ 2.0 is not all that far
off our current efforts for stable are limited to fixing the
really broken things in the gnome-libs wrappers.  Active developement
to the 1.3 port will begin as soon as the remaining major underlying
changes (gobject) is done.  

Assuming there is sufficient interest within GNOME, Gtk-- will
be fully operations and improved for GNOME 2.0.
If anyone finds things which they feel are just totally broken, done
the wrong way, or there is a better implementation,  I invite
you to drop by the gtkmm mailling list to discuss ways to fix it.
Seeing as we are at the start of the development cycle now is the
best time to fix it.


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