Help with Gnome both at LinuxTag 2000 in Feldkirch, Austria


I worked at the Gnome both at LinuxTag 2000 in Stuttgart together with
a bunch of other good people (e.g Telsa, mawa, Jens, Judith, Martin
Baulig, etc).

Now the people of LinuxTag 2000 in Feldkirch, Austria have asked me if
I could set up a both for Gnome at their LinuxTag on October 7th. Of
course I will do it since it was so much fun in Stuttgart. They expect
an attendance of about 1000 people. will
apparently have more info Real Soon Now.

I am now looking for people to help me with the both. We will have a
couple of machines to run demos on and present Gnome and its
applications. What I need help with is the following:

1. Set up the machines with a very up-to-date Gnome. I've always
   relied on helix gnome to have an up-to-date Gnome. Maybe someone
   could help me to set up a cutting edge demo machine. I'd love to
   demo at the very least Nautilus, Evolution, Gnumeric and
   AbiWord. I'm sure there is more.

2. Help me demo Gnome and its applications. This requires actual
   physical presence on October 7th in Feldkirch. You don't need to be
   a developer to do this. I'm just a enthusiastic user myself.

3. The people of LinuxTag 2000 have asked me if I could have a user
   level speech on Gnome. I need someone more knowledgeable than me
   (I'm just a user) to do this otherwise I'll probably have to
   decline. This also requires physical presence. There is some money
   for speakers.

Wanna help? Contact me if you have questions.

Christian Egli
Wavetek Wandel & Goltermann, Foerrlibuckstrasse 62, CH-8037 Zuerich

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