Re: Help with Gnome both at LinuxTag 2000 in Feldkirch, Austria

On Mon, Sep 04, 2000 at 07:45:54PM +0200 or thereabouts, Christian Egli wrote:
> I worked at the Gnome both at LinuxTag 2000 in Stuttgart together with
> a bunch of other good people (e.g Telsa, mawa, Jens, Judith, Martin
> Baulig, etc).

..and it was huge fun.
> Now the people of LinuxTag 2000 in Feldkirch, Austria have asked me if
> I could set up a both for Gnome at their LinuxTag on October 7th. Of
> course I will do it since it was so much fun in Stuttgart. They expect
> an attendance of about 1000 people. will
> apparently have more info Real Soon Now.
> I am now looking for people...

Talks: in English or German?
People attending booths: likely to speak English? :)

(I noticed that despite the huge competence of all the attenders of
LinuxTag at English, they were naturally a lot happier asking questions
in German. My German is abominable. And my phrasebook does not include
"panel", "internet", "MUA", or "graphical file manager" and I don't
think checking the po files for the .desktop files is entirely likely
to work, alas :)) 

Telsa, who can manage, "dieses ist einen Helix Affe, und "dieses ist 
eine affe-geiles Gnome Fuss". Almost.

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