Re: Help with Gnome both at LinuxTag 2000 in Feldkirch, Austria

>>>>> "tg" == Telsa Gwynne <hobbit aloss ukuu org uk> writes:

>>>>> "ce" == Christian Egli <> writes:

ce> I worked at the Gnome both at LinuxTag 2000 in Stuttgart together
ce> with a bunch of other good people (e.g Telsa, mawa, Jens, Judith,
ce> Martin Baulig, etc).

tg> ..and it was huge fun.
ce> Now the people of LinuxTag 2000 in Feldkirch, Austria have asked
ce> me if I could set up a both for Gnome at their LinuxTag on October
ce> 7th. Of course I will do it since it was so much fun in
ce> Stuttgart. They expect an attendance of about 1000
ce> people. will apparently have more info Real
ce> Soon Now.

ce> I am now looking for people...

tg> Talks: in English or German?  

I would say preferably in German.

tg> People attending booths: likely to speak English? :)

It is probably save to say that they are more likely to speak German. 

tg> (I noticed that despite the huge competence of all the attenders
tg> of LinuxTag at English, they were naturally a lot happier asking
tg> questions in German.

I think you have a point there :-)

Christian Egli
Wavetek Wandel & Goltermann, Foerrlibuckstrasse 62, CH-8037 Zuerich

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