Re: Help with Gnome both at LinuxTag 2000 in Feldkirch, Austria

Christian Egli wrote:
> Hi 
> I worked at the Gnome both at LinuxTag 2000 in Stuttgart together with
> a bunch of other good people (e.g Telsa, mawa, Jens, Judith, Martin
> Baulig, etc).
> Now the people of LinuxTag 2000 in Feldkirch, Austria have asked me if
> I could set up a both for Gnome at their LinuxTag on October 7th. Of
> course I will do it since it was so much fun in Stuttgart. They expect
> an attendance of about 1000 people. will
> apparently have more info Real Soon Now.

A small update to this, especially for the people who are hunting for
exhibitions.  In the week after the Feldkirch event, on October 14th
we're organizing the second LinuxTag in Oldenburg, Germany.  Gnome
has a booth staffed with Jens Finke, who will also hold a talk. 
Speaking of attendees, we had 900 last year and expect them more to
double.  So if people want to help, wander around etc. they're welcome.



Life is too short to run proprietary software.  -- Bdale Garbee
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