Re: Several comments on panel, nautilus and evolution

> On Mon, Sep 04, 2000 at 10:59:19PM +0200, Gérard Milmeister wrote:
> > Concerning the applications menu on the panel.
> > KDE has a small programm call kappfinder. This looks
> > for known applications already installed on the system
> > and integrates them into the app menu.
> > 
> > There would also be a need for GNOME compliant icons for non-GNOME
> > applications.
> GNOME has a more dynamic system.  It has the TryExec field where it will
> look for a program in path at the time it's trying to load the icon.  Then it
> just will not show the icon if that command doesn't exist.  This makes the
> process completely transparent to the user.

Sorry, but can you explain this further?

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