Re: Several comments on panel, nautilus and evolution

> > : > I can't speak for Nautilus, but in Evolution, that's not a bug, that's
> > : > a feature. Dotfiles are hidden, which is fine for config files and
> > : > other things that you want to make non-obvious. But the "evolution"
> > : > directory is used to store all of the user's local mail, contacts,
> > : > appointments, etc, which is user data, not configuration. You don't
> > : > want to hide the user's mail from him.

Simple solution to end this argument: Evolution brings up a setup dialog
when a user runs it for the first time. This dialog should ask "where to
store evolution files", with "$HOME/evolution" being the default (or
"$HOME/.evolution", it doesn't really matter). Once the user accepts
a certain directory, the value can be stored in a file in "$HOME/.gnome"
or something.

I suppose Evolution could also have a config option in it's menues that 
allow one to change the said directory later on, and it'll automatically 
move everything.

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