[BUG]: MDI not showing menu hints!

Hi all,

from the gtkmm-main list:
> Hi all,
> If you apply these patches to gnomemm-1.1.12, the uiinfo1 example
> and the mdi2 one, will look a bit prettier.
> I did this to test what was wroken.
> The uiinfo1 example correctly shows the menu hints,
> but the mdi2 one won't. Something is broken in mdi when setting
> menu hints from app_created_impl or from menu creation.

Actually something is broken with GNOME then.  I tracked it to their
code.  You can't set up menuhints with a MDI app because they don't
set the uiinfo but instead use dynamic so you would have to reinstall
after every child.  I assume that someone could figure out how to 
add it to GNOME and send a patch to them, because it don't look
like something to fix at gtk-- level.


So hope someone can make a patch, or at least take it into account
for gnome-libs 2.0.


Manuel Clos,
llanero jazzfree com

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