ANNOUNCE: GOB (GTK+ object builder) 1.0.5 released

What is GOB:

Very simple preprocessor for making GTK+ objects with inline C code so that
generated files are not edited.  Syntax is inspired by Java and yacc or lex.
The implementation is intentionally kept simple, and no C code parsing is
done.  Besides that, it's really cool and you should use it and stuff.

You will probably see a slowdown in releases now, because gob has basically
all the features that I wanted it to have, and it seems that the bugs are in
very low supply.  This time I also made an i386 RPM for those of you who
aren't 31337 enough to have an alpha.

What's new in 1.0.5:

	* gob.m4 defaults to WARN (Eskil)
	* fix argumentless methods
	* cleanup
	* _get_type function is now G_GNUC_CONST

Where to get it:

	* (tarballs)
	* (redhat packages)
	* (debian packages)
	  Debian packages will be available soon!

There is also discussion mailing for gob, to subscribe send mail to
minimalist 5z com with the subject of "subscribe gob-list".


George <jirka 5z com>
   If all economists were laid end to end, they would not reach a conclusion.
                       -- George Bernard Shaw

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