Re: Just an interesting idea...

Various wrote:
> > > > A helper like the Micro$oft Assistant?

Actually, avoiding antiM$ knee-jerk responses, there could
be some merit in considering the original proposal with some
work to make it elegant.

Consider a GLib object (headless, because it may also be useful
in non-GUI situations) that has a list with elements of the form
	pointer to title (varies with locale)
	pointer to URL string (varies with locale)

A standard "helper dialog" could simply (upon request from the
calling widget) display this list, and if a list member is
chosen, invoke it through standard help browser methods.

This need **NOT** be over-the-top, just a standard method for
widgets to document a series of "what is relevant from here"

But please, no animations, unless configured using the
"--waste-resources-unmercifully" flag :-)

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