Re: Thoughts on Nautilus/Evolution in 1.4

> Jamin, I don't think October is really the target date any more. I
> will try to make up a more accurate nimber.
> > I'd much rather see Gnome 1.4 delayed a bit and ship as a quality
> > product than end up with another incident like the Gnome 1.0 release. In
> > particular, something to consider is the fact that replacing GMC with Nautilus
> > is a major change! This isn't just adding an application. And Nautilus needs a
> > lot of work still. As much as I want to see Nautilus in 1.4, I think a choice
> > has to be made: either we delay 1.4 by a few months and really hammer out
> > things until we've got a professional desktop with Nautilus included, or ship
> > Gnome 1.4 without Nautilus and add it in later.
> We will delay GNOME 1.4 for Nautilus as necessary. Shipping without it
> would be pointless, sine it's one of the major new features that is
> the point of the release.
> As an Eazel employee, I can't assure you 100% that the company won't
> try to ship Nautilus before it's really ready, but as one of the GNOME
> 1.4 release coordinators, I assure you I'll do my best to make sure
> nothing gets called 1.4 unless it's really ready.
> I hope this addresses your concerns.

Thanks, Maciej.  I try to keep up with what's going on as much as I
can in my limited time schedule, and I was just curious what the
latest time-frame we're looking at is.  I'll be doing some bug fix
verification shortly and will help out in any other ways that I can.

Love what I'm seeing....


>  - Maciej

Jamin Philip Gray
jgray writeme com

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.


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