Re: Flaw in Plans for World Domination

Heya Mathieu, :)

> This sounds like a huge waste of time for a lot of pain maintaining both
> the coments and the translations in sync. It is already difficult for simple
> strings so I can barely imagine it for full paragraphs/sentences.

I just wanted to respond to this thread to clarify a few things about the
aims of the project.

I don't think that being able to write code/comments in different languages
is a good idea. Certainly if the project is language-specific, then it's
fine. Otherwise it would be a very confusing state of affairs for everybody.

We want to "debabelise" rather than "babelise", if you grasp my silly
English play on grammar! :)

This project's focus will be on the *people* who deal with the code, not the
code itself.

There's already a little band of people interested in helping out, and their
comments have been very encouraging. I'll be working on setting things up,
and an announcement for a wider audience (in more ways than one) in the next
week or so.

It's very exciting to hear the ideas people have had - I particularly liked
the Mailman add-on concept - and I'll be working hard to see all these
things come together.

- Jeff

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        Ye shall be cursed to fall in love so easily, and yet be so
                     cold of heart as never to express it.

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