Re: popt

On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, [iso-8859-1] Stéphane Genaud wrote:

> I am using popt to parse the arguments and a gboolean "noapplet" is set 
> by gnome_init_with_popt_table. My code goes :
>    gnome_init_with_popt_table(PACKAGE,VERSION,argc,argv,options,0,NULL);
>    if (noapplet) {
>         gtk_main();
>    }
>    else {
>       applet_widget_init(PACKAGE,VERSION,argc,argv,NULL,0,NULL);
>       applet_widget_gtk_main();
>    }

> My question is : have someone a cleaner way to address this problem,
> calling popt parsing of args before calling gnome_init() ?

If you want to avoid calling applet_widget_init(), I think the best
solution is to either use popt directly, or parse argv some other way, w/o
calling gnome-init.

Note, however, that just because you call applet_widget_init() does not
obligate you to create an applet - it would be perfectly fine to just use
-- Elliot
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