Re: Running remote Gnome programs - problems with SSH

Mathieu Lacage wrote:

> random port because the port number for the communication is randomly
> choosen by ORBit for each server.


> Yes, this port number is encoded into the IOR string in the case of IP
> as low-level protocol used.

But - is the IP address encoded in this as well? Where is this IOR
string picked up from? In other words, how does a CORBA client figure
out what CORBA server it is supposed to connect to?

If IP address and port are provided in the IOR string, then in theory
everything should Just Work(TM), despite SSH being involved, the CORBA
stuff will simply go across the network unencrypted as it normally
would. The trouble is the CORBA stuff doesn't work - and it's not clear

Has anyone else managed to get a Gnome app to run remotely over an SSH
tunnelled connection?


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