Re: Need volunteers to coordinate extra apps release for GNOME 1.4

Ravi Pratap M wrote:
> Hello Maciej,
> On 22 Sep 2000, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> > 1.4. While GNOME 1.4 would be kept to the core desktop and development
> > platform, this extra distribution would contain other useful apps,
> > things like Gabber or Gnumeric or Dia or GnuCash, and also deprecated
> > but still supported things like gmc or gnome-pim. These applications
> > will be certified as reasonably useful, and tested with 1.4.
>         An excellent idea which is sure to increase the efficiency of the
> release process.

Hey, gnome-pim is great!  I love gnome-pim!  Why is it "deprecated"?

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