Summary: Running remote Gnome programs - problems with SSH

Hi all,

It seems from the remote running discussion, this is the problem:

By default, for security reasons, CORBA connections are made using UNIX
sockets on the local machine.

The name of this socket is then communicated to other applications by
storing it as part of the X subsystem.

When a remote program runs, it retrieves the name of the CORBA server
from the X subsystem, and tries to connect to it using UNIX sockets. But
- the socket in question does not exist on the remote machine, only the
local machine. As a result of this confusion, the connection fails.

A possible workaround is to switch from UNIX sockets to TCP sockets -
but - these TCP connections are made outside the protected SSH tunnel,
and the connections on arbitrary ports are very firewall unfriendly.

The solution seems to be to make SSH GNOME aware - like X11 forwarding,
it would be great if GNOME CORBA forwarding were possible too. The UNIX
socket on the local machine would be accessible to the remote machine
over the secure connection, when SSH creates the same socket with the
same name on the remote machine as already exists on the local machine.

Anyone know how hard this would be to achieve?


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