Re: some sounds for Gnome

On Wed, Sep 27, 2000 at 07:53:57PM -0500, Dan Mueth wrote:

> 2) Packaging:  Do these belong in gnome-audio in CVS?  Should they
> be shipped as part of gnome-audio-extras?  Sounds tend to pretty big
> (probably >1MB per theme), so we presumably want to have one default theme
> that ships with GNOME and then the others go into gnome-audio-extras or a
> similar package.

I think we should have an official gnome sound release. There are some slight
problems with these sounds. Namely too soft, too low (as in Hz) and too long. 

I have a computer that I can use to do some edits and things of that nature.
It's a windows box, and for some reason these files are corrupt in windows.
Any clues? 
> 3) Licenses: What licenses are appropriate for GNOME sounds?  I noticed
> that gnome-audio and gnome-audio-extras do not contain any license in
> them.  I don't believe the FSF has any license which is
> appropriate.  Should we use the OPL
> (  Are there any other free/open
> licenses which are suitable for sounds?

I have this free music license. But I forgot the website that I got it from. 
I've attached it below.

> 4) Metadata: It would be very nice if we could store copyright and
> licensing information in the actual audio files.  Does WAV or other sound
> formats allow this?

I think so, but I believe it limited to small number of characters.
> 5) Events List: We need a list of events and associated sound file names
> which would define a complete sound theme.  Looking at the sound capplet,
> how about we start with:
>   Panel->Expand				panel/<theme>-expand.wav
>   Panel->Collapse			panel/<theme>-collapse.wav
>   GNOME sys event->Login		<theme>-login.wav
>   GNOME sys event->Logout		<theme>-logout.wav
>   GNOME sys event->Informational Mess.	<theme>-info.wav
>   GNOME sys event->Warning Mess.	<theme>-warning.wav
>   GNOME sys event->Error Messages	<theme>-error.wav
>   GNOME sys event->Question Dialogs	<theme>-question.wav
>   GNOME sys event->Miscellaneous	<theme>-miscellaneous.wav
>   UI event->Action Button Click		gtk-events/<theme>-clicked.wav
>   UI event->Menu Item Activation	gtk-events/<theme>-activate.wav
>   UI event->Check Box Toggled		gtk-events/<theme>-toggled.wav
> Are we missing any here?

Yes, an important one too imho, a mail sound.

We should use this opportunity to start the gnome sound project on the right
track. Maybe get organized, a mailing list, and a coordinator/leader to start
out with?

All music aspires to the condition of muzak.

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