GConf help/tutorial


 I'm having trouble getting GConf to work, mostly because I'm incredibly
new to it.  Is there an up to date tutorial, or manual (not just
reference) on GConf?  The old one that (That I believe Havoc wrote)
seems to be really out of date, as the function call names have all
changed.  Fun fun.

 Also, what are the conventions for the key names?  I'm writing GMFD
(GNOME Magic Folder Daemon, which basically does Active Folder stuff),
and I'm wondering what keys to use.  It does run as a user (the whole
"daemon" part needs to be renamed, but I don't know what other word to
use, and I've changed the acronym too many times already ~,^), and I
thought maybe "/system/gmfd/" as the base "path" for the key would
work?  Is this wrong?

 And, finally, is there a common interface between the old and new
control center, for the capplets (I know libcapplet is going away).  Or
should I just aim for GNOME 2 now?  Also, is considered alright in GNOME
terms to have two places to perform configuration, in the control
center, and in the app itself?  I'm thinking of giving GMFD an optional
docklet interface, for configuring/closing/pausing the folder
processing.  Perhaps just add a menu entry to the docklet for "Settings"
that launches the control center GMFD module?

Yes, I'm fairly clueless to all this, if you can't tell yet, I'm not an
experienced developer here.  ^,^

Sean Etc.

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