Re: GConf help/tutorial

Sean Middleditch <smiddle twp ypsilanti mi us> writes:
>  I'm having trouble getting GConf to work, mostly because I'm incredibly
> new to it.  Is there an up to date tutorial, or manual (not just
> reference) on GConf?  The old one that (That I believe Havoc wrote)
> seems to be really out of date, as the function call names have all
> changed.  Fun fun.

I'd suggest examples/basic-gconf-app.c, or
examples/simple-controller.c as starting points. The reference was
also recently updated (though I don't think it's updated on
>  Also, what are the conventions for the key names?  I'm writing GMFD
> (GNOME Magic Folder Daemon, which basically does Active Folder stuff),
> and I'm wondering what keys to use.  It does run as a user (the whole
> "daemon" part needs to be renamed, but I don't know what other word to
> use, and I've changed the acronym too many times already ~,^), and I
> thought maybe "/system/gmfd/" as the base "path" for the key would
> work?  Is this wrong?


Probably just /apps/gmfd is right.

>  And, finally, is there a common interface between the old and new
> control center, for the capplets (I know libcapplet is going away).  Or
> should I just aim for GNOME 2 now? 

I'd just aim for GNOME 2.

> Also, is considered alright in GNOME
> terms to have two places to perform configuration, in the control
> center, and in the app itself? 

My opinion is that apps should only have config in the app, not in the
control center. Applets should have config from the right-click menu
of the applet and just pop up a dialog.

The control center is for configuring "the desktop" rather than an
app. In general you would not want an application name in a control
panel title, for example - control panels should be called things like
"colors & fonts" or "mouse".


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