Re: GConf help/tutorial

On Sat, 2001-12-22 at 12:35, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Sean Middleditch <smiddle twp ypsilanti mi us> writes:
> I'd suggest examples/basic-gconf-app.c, or
> examples/simple-controller.c as starting points. The reference was
> also recently updated (though I don't think it's updated on

Alright, I'll grab the source and look there. 

> See
> Probably just /apps/gmfd is right.


> I'd just aim for GNOME 2.

OK.  Just before I start porting, will GNOME2 docklets work in the GNOME
1 dock status applet?  I would assume yes, but I want to make sure.

> My opinion is that apps should only have config in the app, not in the
> control center. Applets should have config from the right-click menu
> of the applet and just pop up a dialog.

Well, again, it won't really be an applet.  It's more a daemon that
*might* have a *docklet* interface.  The idea is for it to be no more an
application than gconf is - it's a user service.  I would have thought
that to be something to sit in the control center, since changing its
settings affects every application the user runs, in a way.

> The control center is for configuring "the desktop" rather than an
> app. In general you would not want an application name in a control
> panel title, for example - control panels should be called things like
> "colors & fonts" or "mouse".

So something like "Magic Folders?"  I am assuming that eventually
gnome-vfs will have settings in the control center, for things like
default SMB username/password, store hosts/user/pass for ftp sites, and
so on.  It would be the same with GMFD, yes?

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