Re: canvas rich text widget?

Bibek Sahu <scorpio dodds net> writes: 
> 	Oooh... and the code is already intended for use in the text canvas
> item.  How nice.  :-)
> 	Since this is already intended for a canvas item, but the GtkCanvas
> does not yet exist (at least, I didn't see any files for it in the gtk+ cvs
> tree), what should I take into account so you all can use this with little
> or no modification once the canvas is in place?  Since this is a fairly
> low-level widget, I don't plan on using any of the gnome functions from
> within it; also no gtk+ functions, and since it's using pango probably few
> gdk functions directly.  Is there anything else I should keep in mind?
> 	Or does a GtkCanvas already exist somewhere, and this already exist
> as an item for it which I could simply use? :-)

For now, it's intended for GnomeCanvas - if GtkCanvas ever exists it
will probably be a bit different from GnomeCanvas to integrate with a
gdk_render_* API, but in any case it doesn't exist yet, so one should
use GnomeCanvas.


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