Re: canvas rich text widget?

Bibek Sahu <scorpio dodds net> writes:
> 	(2) where would one find XftFreetype.h (which pango apparently
> depends on).  I'm using Xfree86 4.0.2 with TrueType support and the RENDER
> extension, I have the development files installed, but the only thing in the
> include/X11/Xft/ directory is 'Xft.h'.  I tried symlinking that to
> XftFreetype.h, which, as you might expect, did not work too well. :-}  A
> Google search turned up nothing about it, nor did my search through Debian's
> archives... and if has a search function, I haven't found it
> yet.

It's a Debian packaging error. I encouraged the last person who
reported this problem to file a bug report, but I'm not sure
if they did.


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