ANNOUNCE: gdm "The plastic bag release" (rpms)

WAGGA WAGGA is out.  It has ONE exciting new bugfix which doesn't effect anyone
(unless you have xinerama).  BUT, finally, there are RPMs.  Yes, the wait is
over.  Now even people that are too lazy to build from tarball are able to
screw up their systems.

So if you have things running with 2.0.97, and don't want an RPM, then don't
bother to upgrade, it's not worth it :)

What's new?

- If you compile gdm with Xinerama support, it will not die if you run it
  on something without Xinerama support

- A Default "Failsafe" session thingie, which may not work as I haven't tried

- RPMs!  As previously mentioned.

So!  Where do you get this gem of modern technology?

I'm attempting to build an alpha rpm but rpm is not being cooperative right
now.  So it should appear when I beat it into submission.


George <jirka 5z com>
   A good memory is needed after one has lied.
                       -- Pierre Corneille

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