ANNOUNCE: gdm 2.0.28 "I can't believe it's not xdm"


2.0.98 is out, and with it new opportunity to break your system.  No, xmdcp
still doesn't work, but for example now it doesn't lock gdm when you try to
use it.  Besides we have a cool new look for the config proggie thanks to

What's new?

- spec file actually works (Lee Mellabone)

- Bigger! Better! Faster!  gdmconfig.  Much cooler and easier to use
  (Lee Mellabone)

- More xinerama fixes (Tim Jansen)

- A bit more xdmcp fixes which still don't make it run

- Bunch of other fixes and cleanups

- New translations (Stanislav Visnovsky, Jarkko Ranta, Valek Filippov,
  Simos Xenitellis)

So!  Where is this marvel of modern engineering?


George <jirka 5z com>
   You have the right not to be killed,
   Murder is a crime!  Unless it was done by a policeman or an aristocrat.
                       -- The Clash

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