Re: GAL, glade and libglade

> Is removing the (seemingly small) libglade dependency in GAL something
> that Miguel will consider a patch for? (or whichever maintainer is most
> appropriate) 

Not really, because if anything we are starting to use more Glade in
Gal than in the past.  Now the dependency in Gal is for libglade.

There are a few alternatives for the problem you have:

	* Use Bonobo-based widgets (lots of work to do, but pretty
          straight forward).

	* Design a widget registration mechanism for libglade.  Needs
          some design consideration, and would not require a lot of
          work, but a lot of re-released packages.

	* Use "custom" widgets.  That is what we use when we want to
          hook up new widgets that have no Glade support.

Gal is not planned to remain source/binary compatible for a long
time.  All applications using it should be aware that we will move
and rename some widgets some day to Gtk+, GnomeLibs or we might just
rename things one day to add consistency.

I would like not to encourage people to depend on Gal.


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