Re: GAL, glade and libglade

On 11 Feb 2001, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> > Is removing the (seemingly small) libglade dependency in GAL something
> > that Miguel will consider a patch for? (or whichever maintainer is most
> > appropriate) 
> Not really, because if anything we are starting to use more Glade in
> Gal than in the past.  Now the dependency in Gal is for libglade.
> There are a few alternatives for the problem you have:
> 	* Use Bonobo-based widgets (lots of work to do, but pretty
>           straight forward).
> 	* Design a widget registration mechanism for libglade.  Needs
>           some design consideration, and would not require a lot of
>           work, but a lot of re-released packages.

It has been possible to register new widget types with libglade since the
first release I made.  You just need a bit of glue code to apply the
widget properties in the glade file to the new widget.

If all widgets were fully customisable from the GtkArg interfaces, then
this glue code could probably go as well.  I guess this is something to
aim at for gtk 2.0/gnome 2.0


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