Re: Updated apps using GConf and Bonobo

"Ben Taylor" <sol7x86 hotmail com> writes:
> Are there going to be released versions of eog, dia, and a couple
> others that use older versions of GConf and Bonobo anytime soon.
> I've run into a problem with these applications requiring older
> versions (GConf-0.8, GConf-0.9) while other applications are
> needing later versions (GConf-0.11, 0.12) and the same for
> Bonobo.

That problem goes away once we have a stable devel platform. (This is
why we freeze devel platforms as a whole with fixed versions of all
libs, so that you don't create conflicts between apps. Apps that are
using unfrozen parts of the devel platform are inherently
unstable/alpha for this reason, because they can randomly conflict
with other apps.)


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