Re: Updated apps using GConf and Bonobo

On Tue, 6 Feb 2001, Ben Taylor wrote:

> Are there going to be released versions of eog, dia, and a couple
> others that use older versions of GConf and Bonobo anytime soon.
> I've run into a problem with these applications requiring older
> versions (GConf-0.8, GConf-0.9) while other applications are
> needing later versions (GConf-0.11, 0.12) and the same for
> Bonobo.

Michael has updated the bonobo component for dia, so the next release
should be okay.  As for the current release, it is probably better not to
build the bonobo component (it isn't very useful in 0.86, and isn't built
by default) -- that should fix the build problem :)


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