Re: Internationalization problem...

Buvo An, 2001-02-06 22:00+0100, kai Germano Rizzo rašė:
> gnomermind.c: In function `main':
> gnomermind.c:202: warning: statement with no effect
> gnomermind.c:203: warning: statement with no effect
> and it compiles, but the strings aren't translated. But the standard menu
> voices provided by gnome are, so I guess my sistem is configured well... The
> two variable contains the right strings, I've checked... and I don't know
> how to do! Any idea? The main routine is simply this, by the way:
> #include <gnome.h>
> #include <config.h>

You should include <config.h> before everything else. ENABLE_NLS is defined
there, and changes behavior of gnome-i18n.h to allow translating or not.

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