Internationalization problem...

 I'm trying to get internationalization in a gnome app of mine... so I've
marked stuff with _("..."), N_("..."), I've made a it.po file, and I guess
all is configured OK... at least, it _seems_ to me like in the gnomehello
application... that one compiles smoothly; and mine compiles, too... but,
when I "make all", at the moment of compiling the source file that contains
main() (in which I've put bindtextdomain(PACKAGE,GNOMELOCALEDIR) and
textdomain (PACKAGE)), it says:

gnomermind.c: In function `main':
gnomermind.c:202: warning: statement with no effect
gnomermind.c:203: warning: statement with no effect

and it compiles, but the strings aren't translated. But the standard menu
voices provided by gnome are, so I guess my sistem is configured well... The
two variable contains the right strings, I've checked... and I don't know
how to do! Any idea? The main routine is simply this, by the way:

#include <gnome.h>
#include <config.h>


int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    bindtextdomain(PACKAGE, GNOMELOCALEDIR);


    act = 0;
    state = 0;
    colsel = 0;

    holez = 4;
    roundz = 8;
    colorz = 6;

    gnome_init(PACKAGE, VERSION, argc, argv);



    return (0);

with skeleton, initfield, getrnd, routines correctly defined outside it, and
the variables are global ones.

I'm following Havoc Pennington's book and examples, but AFAICS it doesn't
say much more on the subject... maybe you need some other info?
 Thanx, and sorry for the annoyance,
  mano :)

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