Re: idea: special menuitem in MenuBar of each gnome application


On 15 Feb 2001 21:04:39 +0000, Lee Mallabone wrote:
> I don't think GUI customizations should be allowed at that level though. 
> I expect it would lead to some apps that are customizable, some that 
> aren't, which would create a massive amount of user interface 
> inconsistency; something the whole Gnome API is designed to avoid.

i dont see how this feature would bring inconsistency at all, as
Vlad suggested the best place to implement this is in gnomeui,
thus it will provide a new way for the gnome apps to be consistent 
and provide a common set of great ui features

and what a great feature this would be, per application ui
something all gnome apps are missing at the moment

> Regards,
> Lee.

just my 2 cents :)

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