customization of app's UI

On 17 Feb 2001 00:45:39 +0100, Bruno Widmann wrote:
> I think that stuff belongs into the apps "Settings" menu, but that propably
> hard to implement uniformly. If it's something that customizes 
> a toolbar/menubar it should go into a rightclick contextmenu.

current libgnomeui way of creating toolbars and menus is not convenient
in general. It should be replaced by some other way... (is bonobo menus
ready and easy to use?)

As for customization -- I like the way I can configure ttolbars in
Evolution, gIDE, Nautilus -- apps that use bonobo for menu creation. So
you already can turn on/off text and icons in specific toolbar, hide
tooltips or the whole toolbar.

The only thing I lack in UI configuration is customizing which items to
show in toolbar and how many toolbars to have. Currently it is
hard-coded but could be made customizable. Like it is now in KDE2 apps.
But this is not a thing that can be just added to existing libgnomeui.
It should be a whole new framework for creating toolbars/menus.

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