Re: patch for gnome-libs/libgnome (include of gnome-defs.h in files using BEGIN_GNOME_DECLS)

On 26 Feb 2001, Mikael Hallendal wrote:

> Hi!
> When trying to include libgnome/gnome-util.h I came across an anoying bug (I think). I had to include
> gnome-defs.h just to be able to compile. Should this file be included in all files dependent on it?
> If this is the case here is a patch I'd like to see included.
> This is in cvs-version of gnome-libs revision: gnome-libs-1-0

You should be including <gnome.h> rather than <libgnome/gnome-utils.h>

Or if you just want to link with libgnome (and not libgnomeui), use


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