Re: patch for gnome-libs/libgnome (include of gnome-defs.h in files using BEGIN_GNOME_DECLS)

>>>>> On Tue, 27 Feb 2001 02:16:36 -0600, Geoff Reedy <vader21 imsa edu> said:

 Geoff> On Tue, Feb 27, 2001 at 07:33:50AM +0100, Mikael Hallendal
 Geoff> <micke hallendal net> said
 >> Why should this be necessary? If I only want the funcionality of
 >> one of the files I can't see why including 100 h-files (or 21 if
 >> only include libgnome.h).  As I see it a file should include the
 >> files it needs. In this case libgnome/gnome-util.h needs
 >> libgnome/gnome-defs.

 Geoff> Does it really make much of a difference?  It doesn't affect
 Geoff> the generated code much if at all.  Perhaps it would be a good
 Geoff> idea though for these files to contain either an #error or
 Geoff> #warning "Do not include this file directly, include either
 Geoff> gnome.h, libgnome.h, or libgnomeui.h" or something like that.

Yes it does matter.  Including a bunch of files in each source file
slows compile speeds considerably.  It's also bad design to have
any file in /usr/include not be includeable without figuring out the
dance you must perform to get rid of errors.


Here's my list of problems (but this is against stable libgnome so
some things could have been fixed):

libgnome/gnome-i18n.h needs #include glib.h and libgnome/gnome-defs.h
and libgnome/gnome-config.h

libgnomeui/gnome-dialog-util.h should include gtk/gtkwindow.h

libgnome/gnome-util.h needs to include libgnome/gnome-defs.h

libgnomeui/gnome-init.h needs to include libgnome/gnome-defs.h

libgnomeui/gnome-canvas-util.h needs to include libgnomeui/gnome-canvas.h

libgnomeprint/gnome-print-dialog.h needs to include time.h

zvt/vt.h needs to include sys/types.h

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