Re: I want to help

* Jamin Philip Gray (jgray writeme com) wrote:
> > Does anyone know of anywhere I could get a pdf copy of a decent gtk+ programming book?
> Well I haven't seen it in pdf, but you can find Havoc's excellent
> book, GTK+/Gnome Application Development, here:

I suppose you can do it with the gnome-doc-tools or whatever the name of 
the rpm (or debian for that matter) package is. Here is how i rendered
the GGAD in pdf on my slackware setup, with openjade and TeX:

1/ use jade to output the .tex file from the sgml source, using the
DSSSL script provided:
	openjade -c /path/to/catalog -d book-ps.dsl -t tex -o GGAD.tex book.sgml

2/ use TeX to render the PDF (you will have to issue the command 2-3
times to resolve all the cross-refs)

	pdftex -fmt=pdfjadetex -progname=pdfjadetex GGAD.tex

note that you may have to tweak the $TEXMF/texmf/web2c/texmf.cnf
configuration file to increase the memory pool of TeX a bit.

hope this helps. i worked for me, but ymmv.


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