Exchange Server for Linux?

I just share here some thought I had when I had a look at GMail...

Gmail is Gnome Mail client that uses MySQL for its internal storage.

Now this is what I think...

Instead of Using MySQL which I think does not have good authentication and
capabilities (no flame war please), you can use PostgreSQL. Then instead of
reading the mail directly from the table you use a view to show only the
mail pertaining to an authenticated user.

You create a local delivery agent to postfix/sendmail (something like
procmail) that drop the e-mail received by sendmail/postfix directly in the

The Local Delivery Agent can check some extra tables to read some server
rules on how the mail could be handled. You have now server side mail
filtering. You can also add some storage size limits and other fancy stuff.

The Mail Client(gmail) look in a special table to read a libglade form and
uses it to generate a mail form instead of the default mail form.

The end result: you have something very close to Exchange Server....

I would implement it , if I wasn't already committed to other OpenSource

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