Re: FG: Please Help

On Tue, 3 Jul 2001, Linux Developer wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have 4 problems as under please help me
> Columned List
> =============
> does columned list have scroll bar feature or I have
> to add another widget for scrolling.

Put the CList inside a GtkScrolledWindow.

> Web Site of GLADE
> ==================
> glade is a powerful GUI builder, I love it because it
> is much similar to VB gui building with many widget
> and completely visual, I am trying to see the home
> page of glade but could not see it since 1 week, can
> someone tell me what is happening with glade, what
> about its future developments and so on....

> changing color of widgets
> =========================
> how can I change foreground and background color of
> gtk widgets, I have gone thru the API reference but it
> is too confusing, a small example will help me.  my
> target is to change the foreground/background color of
> label or entrybox.

You should write an rc file for your app.  Try looking at the gtkrc files
for some of the themes on your system, and the rc file for testgtk (in the
gtk+ tarball).


Email: james daa com au

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